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New Kid on the Block (Week 1)

I am a second year entrant that transferred from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge so this will be my first year studying BA Film at Middlesex University. Not only do I not know anyone on my course, I have the daunting challenge of adapting and assimilating myself to the system here at Middlesex that differs quite a bit from how things were done at Anglia Ruskin. This will be a very challenging semester for me as I have to accustom myself to a new system as well as attempt to establish new relationships with the people on my course. Filmmaking is a collaborative medium so in order for me to be able to produce the best work possible I understand it’s essential that I attempt to try and get to know as much people as I can on my course.

I’m quite looking forward to the modules I will be doing this year which are MDA2900 (Producing and Directing: Film Form and Practice), MDA2100 (Screenwriting: The Short Film) and MDA2400 (The Filmmaker’s Vision: Style and Theory). I like how MDA2900 and MDA2100 are linked and I hope that the screenplay that I write will be picked up by a pair on the MDA2900 module.


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