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Filmmaker’s Vision – Camera Exercise

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/110667129″>The Fan</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/user5511308″>Middlesex University Films</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Along with Amnah and Andre, for this exercise we had to come up with an idea that would enable us to film an ordinary space, object or area and make it extraordinary through the use of cinematography. After brainstorming various ideas we decided upon filming a fan and through the use of sound and extreme close ups, making it sound and feel like a propeller from a plane.

Initially, we had decided on filming the fan within a room in the university, but we had failed in booking a room in advance so there were no free rooms available to us. Thinking quickly, Andre proposed filming it at his house which was close to the university so we opted to head there.

When we got to the house, we had an issue with the lighting of the room. We decided on using natural light to film, but the room didn’t have a nice visual texture to it as it appeared on camera. After filming the fan for a bit on the desk, Andre moved the camera next to the window where we got a very nice back light from the outside light, allowing us to film more extensively of what we wanted. We each took turns with the camera filming the fan from different angles, from wides to extreme-close ups.





The edit of the film was pretty straightforward. We decided on showing extreme close-ups of the fan and inter-cutting them with the wide as it slowly tracked in; all the while, the sound effect of a propeller plane engine, which I found on the internet, plays in the background. Originally the sound effect of the engine starts up and gets more intense as the clip goes on but on Premiere Pro I reversed the clip to give the effect of a plane winding down so it fit with the image of the fan getting slower.

After screening it to the class, the general feedback that we got was that the general idea and concept of our film was interesting, but that the wide shots of the film didn’t help the film, and in fact the the film was more interesting with close ups. Also some of the lighting was overexposed (which was intentional as we thought it looked better that way) and some commented that the film itself was too long. Also a point was made in which what we filmed was only an object and not an actual space. I agree with most of these criticisms and in hindsight would have probably opted for a different idea in which we made full use of a space instead of a particular object.

I feel that I’ve learned a lot through this camera exercise in regards to framing, exposure and composition and I feel a tad bit more confident using the Canon 7D in filming moving images and look forward to using it again to film different projects.


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Eraserhead – The Auteuristic Side of Filmmaking


For my first screening for MDA2400, we watched a screening of David Lynch’s 1977 surrealist body horror film Eraserhead. Admittedly I’m not entirely familiar with David Lynch’s work, having only seen Mulholland Drive (which I absolutely loved), but I am aware that he is a very far-out filmmaker who is renowned for his vivid surrealist imagery that he depicts in his films.

The screening of Eraserhead made me realise what this module would hold for me for the duration of the academic year. To present, the films I have made and have been involved with were straight-forward narrative films that have bog-standard plot to follow and feature consistent film grammar and style. I have now realised that the films I will be making in MDA2400 will involve me exploring a different side to filmmaking, an auteuristic side, that I have never personally engaged with. I find myself looking forward to the challenge and hope that I can figure out what my own style and form is like when it comes to this style of filmmaking.

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New Kid on the Block (Week 1)

I am a second year entrant that transferred from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge so this will be my first year studying BA Film at Middlesex University. Not only do I not know anyone on my course, I have the daunting challenge of adapting and assimilating myself to the system here at Middlesex that differs quite a bit from how things were done at Anglia Ruskin. This will be a very challenging semester for me as I have to accustom myself to a new system as well as attempt to establish new relationships with the people on my course. Filmmaking is a collaborative medium so in order for me to be able to produce the best work possible I understand it’s essential that I attempt to try and get to know as much people as I can on my course.

I’m quite looking forward to the modules I will be doing this year which are MDA2900 (Producing and Directing: Film Form and Practice), MDA2100 (Screenwriting: The Short Film) and MDA2400 (The Filmmaker’s Vision: Style and Theory). I like how MDA2900 and MDA2100 are linked and I hope that the screenplay that I write will be picked up by a pair on the MDA2900 module.

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