Lighting Workshop w/ Ian Liggett


In this lighting workshop with Ian Liggett, we engaged in the task of recreating the lighting of scenes from three different films (Skyfall, Hunger and Only God Forgives). This workshop engaged us in identifying the different ways in which a scene can be lit, using the the standard three-point lighting set up as a guideline on how a specific shot can be lit, depending on the space in which you’re shooting.


For this shot from Hunger we had two people sat at a table and tried to recreate the strong backlight coming from the top of the frame.


For this shot from Only God Forgives, we tried lighting two people using different sorts of gels to recreate that reddish tinge that the still has.

skyfall lighting

For this shot we tried to recreate the strong light coming from the window along with the different light sources in the room like the lamp at the bottom right of the frame.

All in all, this was a very productive and informative workshop on how to light a scene in relation to the enivronment you’re shooting in. I would definitely take on board the knowledge I gained from this workshop onto future projects I work on in the future in a technical capacity.


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