Learning Curve – The Difference Between Film and Television

After my first screenwriting workshop I learned that my story for a television pilot, while strong and clear, did not have enough elements in it to sustain it as a series and felt more like the story of a feature film. This made me consider what separated stories in television from stories in film. Looking back at all the films and TV shows I have watched and comparing and contrasting them I realised that films have a very contained and focused plot with a few subplots whilst television series have more flexibility; some shows have multiple minor storylines accompanying a major storyline (Breaking Bad, True Detective etc.) whilst others have mutiple storylines happening simultaneously that intersect and intertwine (Game of Thrones, The Wire etc.). I now had the choice to decide which of these approaches I would adopt for my television pilot.

I decided to elect for the latter and have multiple storylines that intersect. I think this would be better for my story as that way I can explore different aspects of society back during the times of the Old West. For my pilot, I think I will have three major storylines that intersect to being with. The three storylines focusing on William West, Tessa Trager and Earvin “Skip” Walters. The details of their storylines will be fleshed out in my next post which would be my notes for my pitch.


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