Science Fiction or Western? – Choosing an Idea

I had two main ideas that I thought would be interesting to explore as a series. One was a science fiction crime drama that centred around hacking and the second was a Western.

With the hacking series, I wanted to establish the premise of a young and gifted female hacker being recruited by a genius private investigator to help with his cases. The problem with this premise was that I couldn’t figure out the direction I wanted to potentially take it. I couldn’t think of an interesting spin with this series that would separate it from a generic crime drama series so I decided to abandon it.

With the Western, I want to tell a revenge story. My main character (to be named) would be the son of a former outlaw who gets killed by his old acquiantances, so my main character would grow up and embark on a quest to hunt the outlaws who murdered his parents. I think this is a strong baseline for a story and it sets up a clear trajectory for the series as my main character has a goal. More development I think would be needed on clearly fleshing out who the characters are, their circumstances as well as what they each want.


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