Dissertation Pathway: Screenwriting

For my dissertation pathway this year I was juggling between taking a screenwriting pathway or a directing one. I wanted to direct because I felt I had learned so much from my experience directing last year in MDA2900 that I wanted to put what I had learnt to practice directing a better film this year. However, screenwriting was more in tune with my strengths and it was something I knew I had more of an affinity toward. I felt that if I were to produce a project this year I would want it to be the best one it could possibly be so I decided to opt for the screenwriting route.

As to what story I would be writing as part of my dissertation script, I wasn’t sure how to go about it. 30-35 pages is an oddamount of pages for a screenplay for a short film, but its also much to short to be a feature. In my experience writing screenplays last term in MDA2100 I knew that I found writing short form very difficult as my ideas tend to be suited to more long form works. So as result I decided not to write a screenplay for a short and elected to write a television pilot script.

Now the main challenge will be to decide what story I want to write as a television pilot.


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