Professionalism in Practice – TREMORS (Sam and Andrija)

For Sam and Andrija’s shoot, I was employed intially as their gaffer. I was unable to be on set during their first day of production as I was in the middle of shooting my film, but I was present on all subsequent days, eventually taking on the role as director of photography after Andrija’s original DP, Sara, could not be available afterwards due to the challenges she was facing with her own project. My first day on set as a gaffer was shooting the house scenes in which I learned on the morning of the shoot that Andrija had fifty shots to get through coupled with the fact that only one day was scheduled to shoot inside the house. This made me have some cause for concern as I wondered why Sam would only schedule one day to cover fifty shots. Then I learned that Sam did not receive any shot list from Andrija until early in the morning before the call time. DSC_0049             DSC_0051 Needless to say, this lack of preparation and tight time frame to work in made covering the scenes in the house feel very rushed as we had to run through so many shots in such a limited time. Ideally I would have liked to have spent more time getting the lighting right for different scenes/shots but the reality was that I had to work faster than I would normally work just so could we get through as many shots as possible. Also, the scenes in the script vary between night and day so at times Andrija would want to shoot day for night which proved impossible as no prep had been considered for this. Had the shooting order in the house scenes been properly scheduled to have the scenes in daytime shot during the day and the scenes at night/evening shot in the evening then that would have been better. Alternatively, if we had to shoot day for night, then we would have needed to properly recce the location and gather the necessary materials (such as plastic bags or foil) to cover the windows to make the interior look darker. All of this made me realise how important is to properly recce a location and to schedule shoot days properly in accordance to the amount of shots needed to be covered as well as the time of the day a scene needs to be in relation to the script. Had this all be done with this shoot day then perhaps we would have been able to get through all the shots Andrija wanted in the house and not have to stop and reschedule to cover certain scenes at a different location and at a different time. DSC_0045 Subsequent shooting days however ran a lot smoother. We shot the bathroom scenes at a different house location and the doctor’s office scenes (both interor and exterior) a few weeks after with little major issues that got in the way of production.


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