Professionalism in Practice – LOST AND FOUND (James and Hannah)

lost and found4

As a gaffer on this shoot, I learned the value of utilising natural light in interior settings. As of recent I had it in my head that everything that is shot inside needs to be lit, but sometimes that is not the case as very good natural light can achieve easily what artificial lights can never achieve (or it would require massively expensive lights and rigging to achieve a similar effect).

lost and found2          lost and found

I was not present for the first day of shooting in the house scene, but was there for the remainder of the shoot in the care home/clinic. It was there that I learned to rely less on artificially lighting a scene and more on the natural light that was coming through the windows. It was early April when we shot so the weather outside was very nice, casting very good sunlight that diffused through the windows to create a nice soft light with a clinical feel to it due to the mise-en-scene of the location we were shooting in.

lost and found3


There were only a few times where we had to use artificial lights to cover a shot. These were mainly close-ups or shots that had actors positioned in front of windows, so the backlight made them look very silhouetted.

In future projects, I think I will learn to use natural light more as the effect it creates can be very nice, allowing to achieve a degree of naturalism a lot easier than with artificial lights. However I understand that not all environments and locations I shoot in in the future will be camera-friendly lighting wise so I wouldn’t use natural light carelessly; I would still recce locations and judge accordingly what would be the best source of light to use. And of course, shooting during the spring/summer months allows for more flexibility when it comes to lighting as natural light would be more available due to the longer days.




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