Lamentation – Final Project [PRE-PRODUCTION]

After our pitch, we were informed that we had received a green/amber light as there were a few narrative issues we needed to iron out before we could be given the green light for production. One was sorting out what the underlying themses were and after discussing it with Rita, we came to the conclusion that our film should be about love and how our main character Donald rediscovers his love for his wife through flashback memories of her.

The prep on my end for production:

Lamentation – Final Shooting Script

Lamentation – Shot List

Lamentation – Storyboards

Lamentation – Floor Plans


Floor Plan – Bedroom



Floor Plan – Living Room

Floor Plan - Kitchen

Floor Plan – Kitchen

Lamentation – Lined Script


Lined Script – Sample


I went on a recce to the house location in order to take some photos so I construct floor plans and really get a sense of the space and lighting of the location.

Recce Photos

DSC_0290        DSC_0294

DSC_0289        DSC_0277

DSC_0272        DSC_0274

DSC_0270        DSC_0265

DSC_0264        DSC_0260

DSC_0268         DSC_0263


This proved beneficial when drawing up my floor plans as I had a real sense of the layout and spacing of the room, referring back to these photographs as a point of reference.

Also, me and Rita set out on a hunt to procure props to dress the house with. We agreed to buy some props as well as bring things from our own houses, or from people we knew, to dress the house. This would help really establish the mise-en-scene of the house we were going to shoot in. We were selective about this process as we did not want to just bring in anything.

Here are some photos of the props I proposed to bring in.

DSC_0307         DSC_0308

DSC_0317         DSC_0324

DSC_0304         DSC_0300

DSC_0319         DSC_0302

This process has made me appreciate the service a production designer brings to a film production as they have to think about how a set is going to look visually. Even if a set is to look like a regular home, every object seen on screen has been put or placed there for a reason, to communicate something about the character and where they live. Who they are and what their disposition might be. This experience has even taught me to be more conscious of the production design of films that I watch, taking note of all the nitty gritty detail in the set dress as well as the detail in the individual props focused upon.

Ideally I would have liked more props to have as options during this production but again, we did not have the budget to purchase a surplus of props for our use.




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