Final Project – The Pitch

Lamentation – Presentation

I was extremely nervous going into the pitching session as I knew mine and Rita’s performance would dictate whether or not we got the green light. I prepared on my side as thoroughly as I could, conducting research by watching existing films such as Amour and The White Ribbon that have a similar feel to what I want to set out and achieve.

amour poster

In regards to our actual performance, I think we performed relatively well. I felt we were able to communicate the key points our production will set out to do as well as address any issues we may potentially face. I think how the class responded to us was better than I imagined as I was expecting and/or dreading a barrage of questions about our production (a lot of questions tends to be a bad thing I find, it can mean you haven’t really communicated your vision well to the audience).

If there was one key piece of feedback we received it was to restructure the framework of the story I initially pitched to remove or lighten up the scenes of mundane activity that I have my main character Donald doing to emphasise his loneliness. I feel that this feedback will help the narrative of our story become stronger and in turn help our film become successful.


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