Book Trailer – Sam and Nick’s shoot

For this shoot I was on camera as DoP. As far as film shoots go, this was a very quick one as Sam didn’t need a massive amount of coverage for what he needed to capture; the interior shots only taking roughly an hour and a bit to get.

DSC_0218    DSC_0214

The hardest shots were the ones outside as the location of where we were shooting allowed limited flexibility in terms of how we could angle shots to sustain the illusion we were shooting in a graveyward when in fact we were shooting on university grounds. Also the sunlight wasn’t kind to us as there were numerous shots where they were was harsh sunlight which affected the exposure of the images we were shooting. I tried my best to configure the camera settings in order to clearly get an image that didn’t look overexposed and I think, in regards to the end product, I did the best of what was offered to me.

DSC_0196       DSC_0203

Looking back I felt I could have been more involved with the pre-production aspect of this shoot as I could have given my say in how the visual look of the book trailer could have been, as the location we shot in didn’t leave much room for creative freedom as we were restricted as to what we could show in the background. Perhaps I could have persuaded Nick and Sam to choose an alternative location to shoot those outside scenes so we wouldn’t be as limited as we were.


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