Book Trailer – Pre-Production & Production Process

In prep for our book trailer shoot, me and Fred needed to find an alley-way in order for us to try and recreate a dark and abandoned alley-way that somewhat resembles 1980s New York. This was no easy task.

We found one alley-way that we could use however it was pitch black, proving impossible to shoot in without using lights. When asking the Media Loans Store at university whether they had any generators we could use, they said they didn’t have any and the alternatives they proposed to us to light a night-time exterior weren’t helpful or weren’t within our budget. It was at this point that I was seriously considering whether we had chosen the right idea for out book trailer; but not wanting to scrap our idea and force ourselves to think of a new one, we decided to look for an alternative location as a compromise.

We eventually decided to film it in an underpass underneath Watford Way which is near university.



In terms of sourcing actors, I promised myself I wouldn’t ask friends of mine to act in my book trailer but considering that the main character for our book trailer has a mask over his face for the whole thing, I felt it wouldn’t really matter. In terms of the extra that was needed in our scene, I did ask a friend of mine to appear in it, but he pulled out last minute so as a last resort, I myself had to act in his stead, something which ideally I didn’t want to have to do.


On the shoot itself, it was perhaps one of the quickest shoots I ever worked on since we didn’t have many shots to get through. This worried me as I knew due to the nature of the Watchmen comic book that there were many scenes that we just couldn’t shoot due to logistical limitations. I was really unsure about whether or not we would be able to convey what the story of Watchmen was through what we shot since the story in of itself is very dense. This again made me consider whether we chose the right idea or not.


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