New Idea – Feedback from my Step-Outline

After considering the feedback I got from my pitching session, I decided to change the concept of my screenplay. I decided to change it because my original idea had a fantastical element to it which I wouldn’t have been able to fully establish well enough in a screenplay of 6 -8 pages.

Taking this on board, I turned my efforts toward developing a crime story as crime fiction is one of my favorite genres.

I developed the story of how a young aspiring career criminal has commited and murder in his aunt’s house and has to get rid of the the dead body before his aunt comes home with the help of the son of a local crime lord.

The immediate reaction was that my idea was very Pulp Fiction-y and I agree with that sentiment as Tarantino is one of my favorite filmmakers so his work has a massive influence on my writing, but I look at the comparison as a challenge to write a story that in tone and subject matter may be similar to Pulp Fiction but the story and characters themselves are very much my own invention.


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