Music Video Screening – Feedback & Comments

Going into the screening for my music video, it was my hope that people would be able to recognise the humorous and light-hearted feel that I was going for in my music video.

Most people did see it that way, although some constructive feedback that I received was that the performance of my actress did not seem emotionally true as she warmed up to my male protagonist too quickly. I could see why some would see it that way but to me that was kind of what I was going for. Since my music video was inspired by Michael Jackson’s video of The Way You Make Me Feel, which more or less has the same story as mine, I didn’t find this as criticism.

I feel that if I were to build up the drama and have her constantly rebuff my main protagonist then the story would feel very protracted and when we would finally get to the climax of the story, it wouldn’t have felt worth the build up. Coupled with the fact that I was shooting in a park which isn’t a very visually interesting place, I did not want to stay in that environment for too long as I knew the audience would get bored and/or fed up with the visual background, hence why my music video is only just over two minutes in length.

Perhaps I maybe should have tried to be more ambitious with my setting and have the music video span over several different locations, but then again, since it was only a one day shoot and the fact that the days are shorter nowadays, I feel that maybe I would have bitten off more than I could chew and would have ended up with not covering everything I would have wanted in the span of one day.

Maybe if I were to shoot another music video in future and didn’t have the one day restriction then perhaps I would opt to be a little more ambitious in what I planned to shoot which in itself would open up new challenges for me to tackle and learn from.


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