Music Video Production – Post-Production

Putting together my music video in post production was much quicker than I expected. I decided to cut together my music video myself because in my past experience working with editors in the edit suite I discovered that I prefer a much more hands on approach when it comes to cutting material that I’m very familiar with, having planned ahead what I wanted to shoot during pre-production and capturing it during production. I already have a clear idea in my mind how I want the film to look and I’ve never liked the experience of trying to communicate my ideas to my editor because it would just end up being me “back seat editing” in the edit suite. I felt like if it was going to be like that then I would just cut the material together myself.



My first assembly edit ran to around eight minutes in length soI had to cut it down and got to a rough cut of about two and half minutes.

My intial rough cut however, I found the pace was far too slow in comparison to the upbeat music so I decided to cut around it and have different shots intercut with each other in order to bring up the pacing. I felt that this worked very well and there wasn’t any shot during my music video that dragged on too long.

Next, I had to colour grade my music video. On the shoot day, I found that the daylight was being temperamental  in that there were spells of sunshine and overcast grey, as a result I had some shots that were very sunny whilst the rest had the correct exposure. I resorted to using Da Vinci Resolve to combat this.


I have never used Da Vinci Resolve before to colour grade so I thought this would provide a new challenge for me. After having a quick crash course tutorial from John Cox, I was able to match the colour balance of all the shots within my music video as best as I could.

I’m very happy and pleased with my final product, I intended this from the outset to be a short and fun to watch music video and I hope people who see it will enjoy it for what it is.


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