Music Video Production – Mantas and Laurynas’ shoot

This was the second shoot that I was DoP on. Prior to this shoot, I was rather skeptical on whether Mantas and Laurynas would be able to get all the shots that they needed to tell their story. The day before the shoot, I had a meeting with Mantas and he hadn’t completed the storyboard or shot list yet, but assured me he’ll get it done by the following day. But even though he hadn’t completed the documentation yet, from his demeanour and enthusiasm about the shoot, I got the sense that he knew what he was going for and what he wanted and that he had the music video in his mind already. I decided to trust his judgement and his vision based on that.

DSC_0009       DSC_0008

The actual shoot day was very hectic. We had an early call time but didn’t start shooting on schedule due to the actors and rest of crew having their breakfast at the call location.

The first shots of the day were the exterior shots which were in three different locations. A park  in Brent Cross, Brent Cross Shopping Centre and on the high street.

This involved a lot of movement and coordination which, despite the late start, went rather smoothly.

The first several shots in the park and at Brent Cross Shopping Centre Mantas wanted me to capture were very complicated as it required me to coordinate the focus pull on the camera to match the action of the actors. It was very challenging but I feel that I managed to do a good job in trying to achieve what Mantas wanted.

The interior shots were the ones that required us to use careful and precise lighting. In my previous experience, I have been on shoots that have used lighting, but I personally was never in charge of setting them up. On this shoot day, it was a joint effort between me and Mantas to set up the lights in a way that created the type of image on the camera that Mantas wanted.

Overall I would say that my experience on this shoot was a positive one. It was a very long shoot day which involved a lot of movement between different locations as well as the setting up of lighting in the house which involved us moving around a lot of furniture.

This shoot really inspired me to commit to using more of the lighting equipment on my own shoots, especially when I’m shooting interior locations as it really helps create depth in an image and gives it a more cinematic feel.

DSC_0010         DSC_0011










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