The Art of Pitching – The Elevator Pitch

Today in class each of us pitched our ideas for a 6-8 page screenplay. This was my first time pitching an original idea of my own so I was a bit nervous. Each of us took turns in pitching to the class and everyone else gave feedback to the pitched idea.

My idea was that of a story the centers around a struggling author who happens to chance upon a magical ring that grants him the ability to hear other people’s thoughts. He uses it to gather ideas for a novel he is planning on writing but he happens to chance upon the thoughts of a man who is plotting murder. The main theme surrounding this idea is the old saying “Evil prospers when good men do nothing”, the main conflict focusing on what my main character decides to do with this knowledge of someone plotting to commit murder.

The main feedback I got from this idea is that I need more conflict within the story, in other words, I need to come up with something that may hinder my character’s resolve to prevent the murder from happening. One suggestion was that the person who is the target for the would-be murderer is a notorious crime lord of some sort, therefore my main character would be torn between condemning a bad man to die or saving a bad man from an as of yet innocent but conflicted individual. I agree with this suggestion very much and is something that I have been thinking about a lot and will try to incorporate it into my story. Another piece of advice I got was that my idea probably would not fit within 6-8 pages and is more the idea of a longer short film at around 15 to 20 minutes. I have been wary of this as someone pointed out that it would take some time to develop the fantastical element of a ring that gives one the power to hear people’s thoughts. Taking this observation into account, I may have to rework my idea or perhaps abandon it and come up with a new one altogether. Of which I will choose, I’ll have yet to decide.


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