Music Video – Production Process

I have never shot a project in one day before so I was very apprehensive going into this shoot day and trying to get all the shots I needed. Added to the fact that it was winter and that the days were shorter, the fact that my shoot required us to be outside all day made me even more nervous.

Things didn’t help when my actress called the night before and said that she could not make the 9am calltime, which resulted in us pushing the calltime ahead an hour to 10am. Given that the actress I used for my music video was not an actress at all, just a friend of mine who was doing me a favour to act in my music video, I learned that in future it would be much more beneficial to work with actors who are actually actors as they would bring a degree of professionalism to any future project that I work on.

DSC_0080    DSC_0069

To the actual shoot itself, despite my apprehensiveness, I was able to steamroll through all the shots I had planned for the day. My actors on hand were very responsive which helped speed up the process. The only major problem that occured during filming was the frequent appearances of sunshine that came and went. I knew this would effect the exposure levels for each take we did, but not wanting to sit and wait around for the sky to become overcast again, I wanted to get filming finished as quickly as I could. In about four and half hours (including a half hour lunchbreak) we were able to wrap production.

DSC_0081    DSC_0083

This came as a huge surprise to me. Part of me was relieved that I managed to get all of my shots before it went dark but then a part of me felt that perhaps I rushed the shoot and would encounter numerous problems in the edit due to the speed in which I finished shooting; in particular the frequent appearances of sunshine that occured during one stretch of the shoot which I know would affect the visual look of my music video. At any rate, I can only find out as I approach the edit to see if I indeed mess things up during production.


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