Music Video Production – Nick and Sam’s shoot

I was rather nervous about this shoot. Prior tothe shoot day, I had only operated the Canon 7D once so therefore I was not entirely confident in being responsible for the visual look of Nick’s music video on this shoot.

On the day however, I found myself quickly adapting to the workflow of the Canon 7D and worked well with Nick in getting the shots he wanted for his music video. Also, there was Eldin, technical advisor that Sam had invited to the shoot, who was of real great help to me when it came to working out the mechanics of the Canon 7D when I wanted to raise the ISO, lower the F/stop, check white balance, adjust shutter speed etc.

The lighting of the music video was very complicated and particular as Nick wanted a specific look and feel for each scene. Using red and blue filters for different scenes to evoke a certain mood. What we got from them looked visually great despite the fact that me myself have always been sceptical of using filters on lighting, but the end result looked good.

At times however, the shoot would progress very slowly as Nick had to communicate to me what the next set up, as well as to his actors what he wanted from their performance. There were times I wasn’t sure Nick himself knew exactly what he wanted and what was to transpire on screen and that made me slightly concerned at points during the production, but both Nick and Sam both had a list of everything that needed to be covered and seemed to be very organised and in tandem with each other, so I decided to trust him.

The shoot day itself was hit by two major setbacks. One was the male lead actor’s rabbit being let loose back at his house so he had to get a taxi all the way back there and sort that out. The second was the main female lead being on her period and needing tampons as she was required to be clad in lingerie for most of the scenes she was in. This major setbacks stalled production for a long while which didn’t leave us finishing until around ten at night. Despite these setbacks, we managed to get through the majority of the shots Nick wanted and I’m eager to see the finished product.

I definitely want to get more experience using the Canon 7D in future as well as employing the use of lighting in future projects of my own.


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