Music Video Assignment – Statement and Stylistic Approach

The music me and my partner Fred have chosen for our music video is The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson.

A link to the music – HERE

Our music video will centre on a male protagonist as he tries to woo and impress an attractive female he stumbles across in a park. The music video will be fun and light-hearted in tone as will we focus on our male protagonist’s comic and humorous attempts to impress the female. Our stylistic approach will be inspired by the simplicity and entertaining aesthetic of Michael Jackson’s video for his single The Way You Make Me Feel in which the entire video is set in one location and focuses on the chemistry between Michael Jackson and his love interest in the video.

We intend to employ a lot of static camera shots as opposed to moving the camera a lot. This is so that we can have the audience focus mainly on the action happening within frame, as opposed to what the camera is doing. The editing will be fast-paced also, which is customary with the music video medium, to keep the audience engaged in the action that’s going on in the frame.


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