Personal Memory and Writing Exercises

This week’s MDA2100 lecture and seminar were particularly interesting as it opened my eyes to an aspect of storytelling and writing I have never been familiar with or even considered in my past experience.

For our lecture, we had to recount a personal memory of ours of our own choosing. I recounted a memory of mine to the whole class and it was subsequently broken down in relation to theories behind short film screenwriting. I have never before considered the fact that our own personal memories and experiences can be broken down and examined as if it were a real life film or play. This really hit home with me and emphasised to me how stories can and does imitate real life to an extent.

In our seminar, I was introduced to a writing exercise where we had to organically create a character by answering 19 questions. In my past experiences writing screenplays and short stories, I had always come up with the story first then developed the characters afterwards. I found that doing this backwards was a refreshing experience and offered me a new side to developing and creating characters. Next week, we have to produce an idea for a short film about our character which I am very much excited for.


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