Eraserhead – The Auteuristic Side of Filmmaking


For my first screening for MDA2400, we watched a screening of David Lynch’s 1977 surrealist body horror film Eraserhead. Admittedly I’m not entirely familiar with David Lynch’s work, having only seen Mulholland Drive (which I absolutely loved), but I am aware that he is a very far-out filmmaker who is renowned for his vivid surrealist imagery that he depicts in his films.

The screening of Eraserhead made me realise what this module would hold for me for the duration of the academic year. To present, the films I have made and have been involved with were straight-forward narrative films that have bog-standard plot to follow and feature consistent film grammar and style. I have now realised that the films I will be making in MDA2400 will involve me exploring a different side to filmmaking, an auteuristic side, that I have never personally engaged with. I find myself looking forward to the challenge and hope that I can figure out what my own style and form is like when it comes to this style of filmmaking.


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